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Project Objective

Reaffirm Athletic Alliance’s commitment to their audience with a fan-focused brand refresh.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Packaging Design

Branded Materials

Marketing Collateral & Content



Athletic Alliance Brand Refresh—Where Science Meets Sweat

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Athletic Alliance is a well-established supplement company with products in GNC stores for nearly a decade. Rather than abandon those impressions, our objective was to update the brand while remaining familiar to existing customers.

Groundwork made a laundry list of improvements to the product line, some obvious and some subtle. The result is a brand designed from the ground up to inspire more conversions.

  1. More prominent branding & product name makes the product easier to identify on the shelf and more memorable.

  2. Metallic purple lids are assertive, on-brand, and strongly differentiated from competitors.

  3. Product type & function is clear and noticeable, improving read order.

  4. Large, easy-to-find servings per container bring attention to a critical point of comparison.

  5. Larger colored sections make products more distinct from one another and easier to locate.

  6. A less cluttered front panel is more accessible and easier to understand.

  7. “Stack” graphics provide information about the benefits of the product family and encourage purchase.

  8. Clear per-serving information for calories, sugar, and fat.


Brands grow from the ground up when their most faithful followers rally around them. If you want them to stand with you, stand for them. Consider their life, their preferences, and what they want to become. Help them buy to belong. Think customer-first.

Chief Strategist and Creative Director Nate Ripley helped Athletic Alliance kick off their brand update by identifying their ideal customer. Developing customer profiles then gave us an even clearer picture of the lifestyle and mindset of their most faithful fans.

Our Ideal Customer

Ultra-competitive “alpha” males, leading work-hard, play-hard lifestyles, fulfilled by being top dog, and attracted to pillars of masculinity and crisp, clean vibes.


Mood boards help us translate customer desires into brand presence. The new and improved Athletic Alliance brand grew from our ideal customer’s aesthetic.

Clean, energetic, strong, performance-driven, and powerful are a few descriptive words that come to mind.


Creating a valuable brand means designing a rich visual language that speaks to the customer and tells the brand’s story. It goes far beyond a logo design or a few color choices.


Athletic Alliance also needed a tagline to capture the spirit of the brand. Performance products made for the determined few who understand that greatness demands consistency and commitment. Groundwork found the solution—science meets sweat. It takes both to reach your physical peak; you can’t be your best without them.


A brand’s biggest fans love to sing its praises. It helps to make telling their friends about you as easy as possible. In Athletic Alliance’s case, that meant creating t-shirts, shaker bottles, lanyards, and other accessories that the brand’s most faithful fans would be proud to wear at the gym.

Great merchandise is more than a revenue stream; it spreads a brand’s message far and wide.


Project Results & Impact

Groundwork positioned Athletic Alliance for success with an updated brand identity, packaging, content, and materials.

Because this project is fresh and ongoing, check back soon for an update!

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Thank you to:

Marty Neumier, Seth Godin, Blair Enns, and the other giants who’s shoulders we stand on.

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