Brand Strategy & Discovery

Typical Duration

1-2 weeks

Typical Deliverables

Brand Strategy Summary

Brand Naming Report

Your brand is the gut feeling your customers get when they think about your company.

A brand is just a feeling. It doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to your customers.

So, how do you design a brand? Not with sketches. A brand that grows from the ground up has to start where those gut feelings do—by knowing your customers and building something for them.

Brand strategy is the process of uncovering what makes your company unique and special in the eyes of your customers. Without it, branding is a toothless exercise.

At Groundwork, branding projects start with our proprietary brand strategy and discovery process. It’s how we turn big ideas into brands people love and lay the groundwork for your success.

Our collaborative, interactive strategy process takes place in stages. Over several sessions, we’ll uncover the qualities that make your brand shine. Using the strategic insights we develop together, we’ll design your brand to be extraordinary.

Brand Identity Design

Typical Duration

4-8+ weeks

Typical Deliverables

Images & Mockups

Logo Files

Brand Assets

Type & Color Specifications

Brand Style Guide

Design is the process of discovering and depicting the qualities that make your brand extraordinary.

Great design looks effortless. It fools us into believing it springs out of the designer’s mind, fully formed and perfect. If only it were that simple. The reality is, it takes a great process to create great design.

At Groundwork, our design process is centered around understanding and discovery. To us, design is about thinking. That’s why we start our design process with strategy before sketches.

Translating that strategy into a visual solution is just as important. We want to find a design solution that represents you. Something intellectually elegant, visually powerful, and aesthetically timeless.

A strong brand identity has to be different enough to stand out, and at the same time, look right for its context. It has to communicate who you are and why you matter. It tells your story. It engages your audience and reminds them they belong with you. It has to apply consistenly across all touchpoints and look great from tiny sticker to giant billboard, from one color to many, from screen to print.

Needless to say, even when design looks effortless, it isn't. It takes understading, imagination, and a process strong enough to bring it to life. That's why we spend so much time and consideration designing the brands we work with. When done right, design grows businesses from the ground up.


Typical Duration

8-16+ weeks

Typical Deliverables

Brand Strategy Summary

Logo Files

Brand Assets

Brand Style Guide

Print Collateral

Digital Collateral

Social Media Content

Web Design

Rebranding can be scary. Let’s take the time to make sure we get it right.

Rebranding is a tricky proposition. It feels dangerous. We humans are loss-averse, and you don’t want to get a rebrand wrong. People who’ve never had the pleasure of sipping on a New Coke still remember that misstep decades later. What would such a misstep mean for a business without the endless resources of the Coca-Cola Corporation?

Growth is a risk/reward balancing act. The things that got us here won’t get us there. Sometimes, to grow, we have to take a leap of faith before it feels like we’re ready.

So, how do you minimize the risk of failure and maximize the rewards of success?

We take the time and care to get it right. We painstakingly uncover the qualities that make your brand extraordinary. We use those qualities to create a radically different solution that your most faithful fans will love. We lay the groundwork and grow from the ground up.

Product Launches & Packaging Design

Typical Duration

3-6+ weeks

Typical Deliverables

Packaging Artwork

Packaging Study

Product Images

Point of Sale Materials

What experience is more important than the moment a customer first holds your product in their hands?

Your packaging tells the story of your product. It’s the most vivid physical manifestation of who you are and what you do. We give product packaging the care and consideration it deserves.

The moment a customer first holds your product in their hand is complicated.

Your customer needs to understand what your product is and what it does. They need to know its use-occasion and context. They should be able to compare it to your competitors and immediately understand it’s the superior option. Most importantly for your brand, your customers must know your product is for them.

Of course, all of this has to take place at a glance. What a design challenge.

At Groundwork, that challenge is one of our favorites. We take the time and care to get product packaging just right. But don’t take our word for it; check out our case study for Grizzly Supplements and see how we helped them scale from zero to over $1,000,000 in revenue in their first year alone.

Print & Collateral Design

Typical Duration

1-3+ weeks

Typical Deliverables

Business Cards & Stationery

Apparel & Merchandise

Posters & Billboards

Brochures, Pamphlets & Books

Strong impressions—the richness of physical media.

If you’ve spoken to a marketing agency in the past decade or two, odds are that you’ve heard more about digital opportunities than print.

SEO, SMM, KPIs, PPC, CPC, CPM, CRO, CLV, ROAS, analytics, funnels, landing pages, bounces, engagement, remarketing, and conversions.

The dizzying mess of acronyms and marketing jargon boils down to this: digital marketing is everywhere.

But if everyone is doing something, how does doing more of that thing help you stand out?

Physical media are the perfect, customer-first tool for complimenting digital marketing strategies. They create strong brand impressions that stand out in a world filled with digital noise.

Social media and digital applications continue to increase in popularity. They are a valuable tool for connecting with your audience. Does this mean that print is dead? We think it’s just the opposite. In a world obsessed with digital media, no tool is more valuable for differentiating and making unexpected, rich impressions than print.

Social Media, Digital & Web Design

Typical Duration


Typical Deliverables

Managed Social Media Feeds

Content Types & Templates

Email Assets

Web Assets

Other Digital Marketing Assets

Complete Websites

E-commerce Solutions

Meet them where they are.

Social media is a tool to connect your company with your customers.

A great website drives revenue growth and provides your company with new opportunities.

A kind of magic happens when you start using these tools together. For example, your social media content might build your email list. Your email list drives interested customers to your e-commerce platform. Your excellent online storefront maximizes conversions.

Creating great brand experiences across every touchpoint is one of the most important things we do at Groundwork. A project isn’t complete without digital assets that help drive consistent messages and confidence in your brand at every point your customers see it.

When you meet your audience where they are, you show them (not tell them) that you understand what they’re about. You send the signal that you are for them. You grow from the ground up.

Bespoke Solutions

Typical Duration


Typical Deliverables


We’ll give you the tools to zag where others zig.

If you do what everyone else does, you’ll get what everyone else gets. That’s no way to create an irreplaceable brand.

Bespoke projects are one-off ways to make lasting impressions with your most faithful fans. To give them something so radically different that your fans won’t find it anywhere else. An irreplaceable experience.

You may already have an out-of-the-box idea for a one-of-a-kind brand promotion. You may need help finding that spark. In either case, we’re happy to help you create a breathtaking solution.

Pricing Guidance

At Groundwork, our work revolves around you.

Our solutions are as unique as our clients and their businesses. As a result, no two projects will have the exact same structure or price.

While we sometimes provide individual design services, we prefer to offer complete solutions with greater impact. A typical project might start with brand strategy, move seamlessly into a brand identity design phase, and then finish with creating a range of products and media to support them. Building something from the ground up means starting a project from the beginning and seeing it through to the end.

Comprehensive projects like these can range as high as $100,000 or more and typically start no lower than $10,000. That said, we don’t have any hard and fast rules about which projects we take. We prefer to evaluate opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

Uncovering the right solutions for your business is part of our work process. Schedule a free consultation today—let’s lay the groundwork for your success.

2 Non-traditional Financing

The world needs more exceptional, considered things. Limited funding shouldn’t limit your ability to bring them to the world.

We offer non-traditional financial arrangements like equity sharing, royalty payments, and performance-related compensation on a case-by-case basis.

These arrangements are rare. We offer them to exceptional products and companies where more traditional payment options don’t fit. If this describes your situation, please inquire for more information.

3 At-cost Projects

Groundwork gives back to the community we live and work in by using design thinking to build a stronger Aurora, Colorado.

Our causes include promoting arts and culture, advocating for better transportation and bikeable/walkable communities, fostering a more equitable society, creating more business opportunities for upward mobility, supporting homeless services, and more.

Do you have a cause we might be interested in? Please inquire for more information.

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