Groundwork is a brand design agency proudly from colorful Aurora, Colorado.

Our mission is to use our brains to create things people love, starting from the ground up.

We specialize in

strategy & branding

for functional CPG,

sporting goods,

outdoor goods,

and related fields.

What We Make

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Naming

Brand Identity Design

Branded Materials

Product Packaging & Images

New Product Launches & Line Extensions

Print & PoS Materials

Apparel & Merchandise

Social Media & Content Creation

Websites & Digital

Related Services

Who We Make it For

Performance-driven CPG

Functional Beverages & Supplements

Natural & Nutritious Foods

Outdoor Gear & Goods

Performance Wear & Athleisure

Sporting Goods & Equipment

Related Fields

Brands that claim they’re for everyone stand for no one.

A brand grows from the ground up once faithful fanatics start to tag along. The brand that tries to stand for everyone won’t inspire anyone to text their best friend about it. But a brand built for their 1000 true fans rallies a following and reaps the rewards.

If you want the support of your most faithful followers, stand for them. Lead them. Show them how people like us do things like this.

Groundwork connects companies with their customers by showing off the radical differences their fans line up for. Once you know your why, the rest gets easier. Which is why making something people love begins with customer-centric brand strategy. No more guessing. No more endless revisions trying to find the right fit. Let’s lay the groundwork and grow from the ground up.

We’re outsiders,


& recovering



Nate Ripley

Founder & Creative Director

Talk is cheap. See our case studies

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Because brands that people love grow from the ground up.