You want to grow

something big

We’ll help you lay the groundwork.

Groundwork turns big ideas into brands people love

Groundwork designs brands that celebrate the curious, the colorful, the radically different. The path to a powerful brand doesn’t run through the run-of-the-mill. Let’s stand for something and someone. Own our story and space. Grow from the ground up.

We specialize in

strategy & brand design*

for CPG,

sporting goods,

outdoor goods,

and related fields.


We create strategy & brand identity design, product & packaging design, launches & line extensions, apparel & merchandise design, social media feeds & campaigns, digital & web design, bespoke solutions & more.


Nate Ripley—Founder & Creative Director

The things we shape, shape us

The creative process cuts both ways. As we pour ourselves into the brands we design, those projects leave their design in us.

Needless to say, we take brand design seriously. But there's one thing even more important to us: our clients. Our highest calling is to uncover your highest calling. Our work can only be as great as the people for whom we create. We aim for every project to be our best work, because we work for you, the best clients in the world.

Start with strategy

We judge the quality of our work by the growth it creates. So at Groundwork, we don't start designing a brand identity by thinking about what color the logo should be. Given our goal is great results, we start from the ground up—by building a deep understanding of your company, your customers, and the story which connects them together.


Before sketches

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a joy to draft new designs. But before a pen ever touches a sketch pad, we uncover the core beliefs which connect your truest fans to your company. These deeper insights are our rosetta stone. We use them to translate hows, whys, and whos into creative work that speaks directly to your truest fans. Building something big begins by laying the groundwork.

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