June 1, 2022

It’s a Trade-off

Photo by Nick Fewings

Intelligent, successful, capable people have a problem.

These are the type of people who start businesses. They have the skills and the resolve to accomplish anything they put their minds to, given appropriate time and resources. Ultimately, they succeed at pretty much everything they take on. And so they learn through repeated success that if something needs to be done, they should take it on, and they'll succeed.

In the short run, it's how businesses get started and how people grow and achieve. In the long run, it's stagnation and stunted growth.

Can you fill those orders?

Can you figure out that new software?

Can you run your social media accounts?

Can you design your new marketing plan?

Can you learn to implement that e-commerce system?

Can you clean the lunchroom?

Of course.

After all, those are the things you did to get your business up and running. But if you're spending your days shipping orders, figuring out software, writing tweets, brainstorming about marketing, wrestling with e-commerce, and cleaning the lunchroom, what aren't you doing? The C-suite work that only you can do, running a business that's geared for long-term success. What got you here, won't get you there.

Is that the trade-off you intended to make when you took on all those other things?

You, dear business owner, are an intelligent, successful person. You will accomplish anything you commit to, given appropriate time and resources. And so, you must be ruthlessly considerate with your time and your resources. They are your most valuable possessions, and they are limited. They can become anything. Spend them wisely.

And watch out for trade-offs.

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